The development and research of radiopharmaceuticals focuses on compounds labelled with conventional and unconventional positron emitters (18F, 124I, 64Cu, 68Ga), single-photon emitters (123I) and beta emitters (166Ho, 177Lu).

The half-life of 18F or 68Ga is too short for many medical applications (metabolism of monoclonal antibodies and their fragments, or biodistribution of a number of pharmaceuticals, etc.). Therefore, a scientific attention is being turned to other positron radionuclides with a longer half-life to be suitable for labelling of a wider range of compounds that allow an application of short half-life PET radionuclides at considerable distances from the production site:

  • 64Cu (half-life 12,7 h)
  • 124I (half-life 4,18 d).