Service of the analytical laboratory:

Analytical testing

  • analysis of the radionuclides with use of modern techniques – e.g. spectrometry of the gamma and beta radiation with high resolution
  • determination of the distribution of the particle size by the means of the laser granulometer – granulometric analysis
  • Determination of the residual solvents by the means of gas chromatography with FID detection
  • HPLC separation in the analytical and semipreparative scale with the possibility of radiodetection – common detection by the means of the electrochemical detector, UV/VIS and RI detector
  • separation on a thin layer with the possibility of detection of the distribution of beta and gamma source radioactivity
  • viscosity measurement with varying temperature
  • measurement of radioactivity of the sample
  • osmolality measurement
  • measurement of the melting point
  • pH measurement ( a device with a micro-electrode for electrochemical measurement in small volumes (circa 50 µl)
  • determination of loss on drying according to Pharmacopoea Bohemica

Microbiological testing

  •  determination of bacterial endotoxines
    • measurement using the kinetic turbidimetric method
    • measurement using the gel method

The quality control laboratory further ensures e.g. sample acquisition in microbiological monitoring of the manufacturing premises, identity verification of input substances entering the manufacturing processes, preparation stability monitoring (“on-going” stability), analytical device qualification and validation of analytical methods.

Consulting, Development and Engineering

Our service include consulting, development and engineering using gaseous, liquid and solid targets for preparation of radionuclides in the cyclotron. In collaboration with other subjects it is possible to manufacture irradiation capsules for preparation of radioisotopes through activation in a reactor, elution and dispensing devices for final formulation of radio-chemicals.

Training and advisory

  • Advisory in designing clean premises
  • Staff training for manufacturing, quality control and distribution of GMP radiopharmaceuticals
  • Providing protection against irradiation at the workplace

ADR class 7 transportation using RadioMedic vehicles

  • We have long-term experience with transport of 2-[18F]-FDG for CT-PET centres
  • Further information including price quotation on mobile number +420725 015 371